About Teksol

About Teksol Gas Safety Training

Teksol Gas Safety Training is a leading international supplier of compressed and cryogenic industrial gas safety training or Gas Safety Workshops and solutions to users of many different types of gases. We are acutely aware of the hazards and risks associated with industrial gases, gas cylinders, pressure supply systems, equipment and processes.

About Teksol

"Safety is our business" is an aspirational positioning statement which represents what everyone in Teksol Gas Safety Training is striving to achieve. We are in for the long run and building long-term relationships with our clients and stakeholders is so important to us, helping them to understand who we are and our business strategy.

Though not yet famous, our reputation precedes us as a provider of choice and a deliverer of "make a difference" Gas Safety Workshops. As we are focussed on the future and on our client's safety in the workplace with industrial compressed and cryogenic gases, we are always looking at methods by which we can extend and enhance our reputation, as a complete Gas Safety Workshops and gas safety solutions provider for our customers.

We are small enough to care, BIG enough to deliver!

This means though, that there's no room for big egos to compromise our values and hence, we are able to engage all in the encouragement of new ideas and adopt creative solutions.

We stand apart from our competitors!

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