Frequently Asked Questions about Teksol Gas Safety Training

Where can you give training?

Can Teksol give training to our employees located in our company sites in different areas of the UK as well as abroad?

Teksol has been doing just this for over 10 years, so yes, of course we can. Now look out for us soon in Canada too!

Training in high security areas

We require a gas safety training company which has considerable experience in providing relevant training within the activities of our firm which are within high-security and restricted area confines. Is this a training environment that Teksol is familiar with?

Teksol has clients in the Defence sector, in Nuclear Energy, in Government Agencies and in emerging Hi-tec industries where high security, restricted access and commercial confidentiality are paramount. Our personnel are of the highest integrity, selected carefully, vetted and trained to deliver in any environment.

Our activities are very diverse

Our activities are extremely diverse and so our employees need a wide range of gas safety training, from the general to the very specific. In what way can Teksol fulfil our varied demands?

Take a look at Teksol's diverse range of Gas Safety Workshops, there is something there for everyone, from operators through to supervisors and the ever busy managers.

From initial training, awareness only or with assessment, practical and even competency assessment, Teksol has taken care of the entire spectrum. You can decide your learning levels or outcomes, not forgetting the ever important refresher training.

We are not sure as to the real needs of our employees in relation to their training

What we need are practical and realistic training programs to fulfil the needs of our workers as a team, as well as to satisfy the training requirements of each individual worker within his/her duties. Can Teksol give us a comprehensive assessment of training needed to be undertaken?

Every learning event or Gas Safety Workshop is fully designed with your learning outcomes in mind.

To that end, Teksol enters into discussion with you to identify your product, process, methodology, safety management systems, job analysis, skills matrices, competency frameworks etc., and agrees with you the format, content and learning outcomes from a Gas Safety Workshop. The process is called a Training Needs Analysis, and can be as brief or as comprehensive and formal to suit your requirements.

Has Teksol had experience in Audits?

Teksol regularly conducts client informal safety walkabouts, formal safety audits and reviews. In fact, on behalf of some of our clients, we even conduct audits of those corporate organisations responsible for carrying out pressure systems safety inspections for them! Yes, Teksol can provide an audit service for you too, whether on safety, on training or on best practice.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact Teksol Gas Safety Training