Gas Safety Training

Why you need gas safety training

Over 200 people are killed in accidents at work each year and over one million people are injured. Add to that, over two million people who suffer illness or have illnesses made worse simply by their work. Industrial gas safety is an area often overlooked by everybody until something goes wrong. Company risk assessors can sometimes fail to take the hazards and risks associated with industrial gases into account, perhaps through ignorance, fear or complacency. Risk assessment must include gases and the full scope of associated training to minimise risk.

Why you need gas safety training
Gas safety training

The Piper Alpha disaster, fatalities at UK installations and the Texas City disaster have and will continue to have an impact on attitudes to workplace safety, training, competency and maintenance regimes.

The spate of commonly reported accidents and incidents involving acetylene cylinders also raises questions about safety, training and competency. Recently, the UK introduced the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, which, alongside the ramifications already being felt in the UK and the rest of the world, is engaging the minds of those responsible for safety in the workplace and all that that entails.

A fully trained, safety orientated workforce is a safer and happier workforce, better equipped to contribute to increased performance as individuals, as teams and as a company.

Embrace gas, cylinder and pressure systems safety training with Teksol Gas Safety Training and embark on making your working environment a safer place to be.

Gas Safety Workshops

If you need a Gas Safety Workshop for an application or process not mentioned, then do contact us to discuss your specific requirement. Shortened, refresher Gas Safety Workshops are also available, which should be undertaken every 2 to 3 years after any initial training has occurred. Just let Teksol Gas Safety Training know what you need.

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