Control and Manage Risk

Your safety and well being is Teksol's concern - make it yours too!

Control and manage risk
Risk Control

We can identify the hazards, carryout your risk assessment, write Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Safe Working Procedures (SWPs) and can even train you to operate processes that utilise industrial compressed and cryogenic gases, with as standard, inclusion of competence-based practical activity and assessments.

Let Teksol Gas Safety provide you with solutions, be it a Gas Safety Workshop, gas safety training, gas safety advice, gas safety risk assessments, gas safety site audits, gas manifold inspections, gas equipment inspections, a gas safety management procedure, a pressure systems inspection and maintenance procedure, training needs analysis, competency frameworks and practical assessments.

We can support you on all issues surrounding compressed and cryogenic industrial gas safety, pressure systems, manifolds, pipe-work installations, multiple cylinder banks, gas cylinders, bulk supplies, systems etc. to ensure your safety and compliance with legal requirements.

Further Questions?

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