Nitrogen Safety Workshop

Nitrogen Safety Training

Teksol designs and delivers Nitrogen Gas Safety Training to ensure operator safety and competence. Nitrogen gas cylinders and equipment are assembled as a workstation or connected to a gas manifold, and operated within the context of a safe system of work.

The Nitrogen Gas Safety Workshop carried out by Teksol is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of BS ISO 11625:2007 Gas Cylinders - Safe Handling.

Teksol's Nitrogen Safety Workshops are inter-active gas safety learning events, complete with demonstrations and practical activities on Nitrogen single cylinder workstations, Nitrogen gas manifolds and serviceable gas control equipment, safety pressure relief valves, regulators and connecting hoses/pig-tails.

Nitrogen Gas Safety Training
Nitrogen Gas Safety Training

The Nitrogen Safety Training content includes current legislation, identifying hazards, risk assessment, safe systems of work, implementation a safe system of work and emergency procedures, The British Compressed Gases Association, Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes are covered, so too is gas cylinder design and different types, effect of heat on cylinders, cylinder testing, function of valves, correct identification of gases, selecting cylinders and preparation for service, dangers of misuse of cylinders, damaged cylinders, gas cylinder handling, correct Personal Protective Equipment, storage of gas cylinders, manifold systems and Pressure Systems Safety, regulators, new and service exchange, repairs, hoses, control equipment, connecting and disconnecting gas cylinders, pressure settings, operating workstations and gas manifolds, checks and inspection of equipment.

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