We are small enough to care, BIG enough to deliver!

This means though, that there's no room for big egos to compromise our values and hence, we are able to engage all in the encouragement of new ideas and adopt creative solutions. We stand apart from our competitors!

Our Gas Safety Workshops will detail the hazards and provide you with all the information you need to determine what the risks are in your industry or company so that you will be enabled to carry out full risk assessments and create safe systems of work for your employees with gases.

Simply by participating in one of our various Gas Safety Workshops, we can make you aware of all of the legal and insurance requirements for the safe handling, transportation, storage and use of gases, cylinders, pressure systems and related equipment.

We will even train you to operate processes that utilise industrial gases and as standard, even include competence-based practical activity and assessments.

Teksol Gas Safety Training is a trading arm of Teksol Training & Technology and has brand values which provide us with the necessary guidance and motivation to live up to our reputation every single day.

Our values - how we operate Integrity - At the heart of our operations, the way we behave and also in the quality of the safety and training services we deliver.

We seek to encourage strong, flexible, rewarding and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers and industry associates alike.

Reliability - Our customers feel confident in placing their trust in us. We are committed to delivering premier-class solutions first time, every time and to responding to the needs of all of our clients and partners. Our endeavours strive for delivery at the highest standard and provide not just value for money, but added-value too.

Our experience in the compressed and cryogenic industrial gases safety business is enviable and we are focussed on this market as our core activity.

Innovation - We are open minded and flexible in all aspects of our business. Our forward-thinking culture has allowed us to create and embrace a well managed and contemporary organisation that is always seeking to improve.

Our vision - where we want to be Trusted to deliver excellence, trusted to delight.

Further Questions?

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