Gas Safety Audits

Teksol Gas Safety Training also has Consulting Engineers who can help you perform Gas Safety Audits to identify, control and manage risk with gases, cylinders and pressure systems by providing competent evaluation, inspection, audit and professional advice on:

  • Cylinder storage / Bulk gases
  • Gas detection systems - Safe systems of work
  • Thermal spray booth safety - Wafer Fabrication safety
  • Welding and Cutting safety - Laboratory safety
  • Confined Spaces - Workstations, gas control and process equipment
  • Pressure systems, manifolds and pipelines - Legal, mandatory and advisory standards
  • Health and Safety Executive legislation and regulations Codes of Practice
  • Competency assessment frameworks - Quality procedures for gas systems
  • Safety audits - Risk assessments
  • Project engineering and management - Product improvement processes
  • Technical Solutions - Equipment inspection and certification
  • In-service defect rectification support - Documentation, Pre-Use Check lists, Operating procedures
  • Quality procedures for BS and ISO accreditation - Safety handbook and video production
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Safe Working Procedures (SWPs)
  • Pressure Systems Safety Management Procedures

Control and manage risk

Further Questions?

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