Gas Safety Training

Gas Safety Training and Solutions from Teksol

Teksol Gas Safety Training can help you to understand all that you need to know and do to ensure that your company, organisation and employees are fully trained, competent and safe with compressed and cryogenic gases. We can identify and discuss your needs and deliver the solution. Let us equip you with your safety, skills and competency training.

Gas Safety Training Workshops

Gas Safety Workshops

Our Gas Safety Workshops, training courses and seminars draw on over 10 years of knowledge, experience and expertise in dealing with the safe handling, use, storage and transportation of industrial gases in sectors such as Aviation, Nuclear, Utilities, Defence, Shipping, Offshore Oil & Gas, Mining, Analytical, Research, Welding & Fabrication, Semiconductors, Construction, Food & Beverage, Petro-Chemical, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Heavy Engineering, Agriculture, Education, Chemical and Demolition. We have worked closely with UK Government Agencies, Fire Brigades, Higher Educational Establishments and the Chemical Industry.

We aim to be the best in everything we do, particularly with our Gas Safety Workshops and to be trusted to deliver excellence in every aspect of business.

Gas Safety Workshops
Gas Safety Training

The company has an impressive track record and portfolio of clients who continue to turn to us for their industrial compressed and cryogenic gas safety training and safety solutions. We are today one of the world's leading gas safety training and gas safety solution providers for all land and sea based industries that utilise industrial gases, manifolds, pressure systems, pipework installations, gas cylinders, bulk supplies and cryogens.


In the UK, Teksol Gas Safety Training is conveniently centrally based in Nottingham but operates in mainland Europe too and will shortly be represented in Canada. Teksol's Gas Safety Workshops are successfully delivered to client locations all over the world.

The diversity of our clients, their people and cultures are key considerations of ours and are representative of our own practices and the strength of our global brand. Our brand represents us all. It encompasses our people, our beliefs, our values, the solutions that we provide and the way in which we wish to move forward into the future.

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