Gas Safety Workshops

Teksol Gas Safety Training can deliver to your site:

Gas Safety Workshops

If you need Gas Safety Workshops for an application or process not mentioned, then do contact us to discuss your specific requirement.

Shortened, refresher Gas Safety Workshops are also available, which should be undertaken every 2 to 3 years after any initial training has occurred. Just let Teksol Gas Safety Training know what you need.


Unique! All of our Gas Safety Workshops and training courses are truly BESPOKE, innovative and designed and delivered in direct consultation with our clients. There are no stale generic training packages on the shelf. Each Gas Safety Workshop is designed with the client in mind, and features their own systems, installations, working practices and personalities, thereby making for a truly interactive, constructive and enjoyable learning event.

Our Gas Safety Workshops are affordable and priced to be within the budget of all discerning organisations who genuinely are looking for a safety solution with added value at no extra cost.

Being unique, we do not award our certificates on attendance! Instead, all participants will be assessed and if successful, will be awarded a "Teksol Gas Safety Training Certificate of Achievement". This applies also to any practical training where, if required, assessment can be designed to fit the client's competency framework. If the client does not have a competency frame work, then Teksol Gas Safety Training can help there too as we are training specialists, not just engineers or people in suits!

There are no big egos here either to detract from the real issue of your organisation's safety. Teksol Gas Safety Training is matched to each client's optimal desired results, and improvement in safety and performance. Yes, we are unique here at Teksol Gas Safety Training.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact Teksol Gas Safety Training