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Gas safety from Teksol

Safety is our business

"Safety is our business" is an aspirational positioning statement which represents what everyone in Teksol Gas Safety Training is striving to achieve. We're in for the long run and building long-term relationships with our clients and stakeholders is so important to us, helping them to understand who we are and our business strategy.

Though not yet famous, our reputation precedes us as a provider of choice and a deliverer of 'make a difference' Gas Safety Workshops. As we are focused on the future and on our client's safety in the workplace with industrial compressed and cryogenic gases, we are always looking at methods by which we can extend and enhance our reputation, as a complete Gas Safety Workshops and gas safety solutions provider for our customers.

  • Trust

    - we never have, nor will be ever assume trust, as trust must be earned each and every day. Trust is awarded by our clients based upon our performance. We need trust to build strong relationships amongst ourselves and with our clients.
  • Deliver

    - we are only as good as our last delivery.
  • Believing

    - that we are good is not good enough; our clients too must share our belief based upon our delivery, our performance and measurable success. They should benefit from our successes and acknowledge that what we say, we do.
  • Excellence

    - this is our standard. A way of being and the way that we operate. Believing that our best effort can always be improved upon.
  • Delight

    - we never just satisfy our clients. We delight them, for free, every time by our attitudinal mindset of enthusiastic fervour and care, delivering the 'unexpected' and leaving them having 'felt' that immeasurable factor ..... delight!

Further Questions?

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