Oxy-Acetylene Gas Safety Workshop

Oxy-acetylene gas safety workshop
Oxy-Acetylene Gas Safety Workshop

This Gas Safety Workshop will empower attendees to handle, use, store and move gases and oxy-acetylene, oxy-propane gas cylinders correctly and safely, use oxy-acetylene, oxy-propane and oxy-fuel workstations and equipment correctly and safely, inform and update attendees on current codes of practice and legislation, help improve safety within participating organisations.

The oxy-acetylene training course will allow the participants to demonstrate an understanding of the properties and hazards of oxy-acetylene, oxy-propane gases and cylinders, importance of product knowledge, current legislation and Codes of Practice governing safety in the workplace, necessity for safe systems of work, handling, use, storage and transportation of gas and cylinders, correct method of connecting and disconnecting oxygen, acetylene and propane gas cylinders, correct selection and safe use of gas controls, safety devices and equipment, selection of correct working pressures, pressurisation and leak testing procedures, correct start-up and shut-down of an oxy-acetylene, oxy-propane, oxy-fuel workstation, implementation of a safe system of work and emergency actions and procedures in the event of leakage, unsafe equipment or an incident, failure, fire or accident.

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